Established in 1976, Custom Radio Corporation has been serving the Heavy-Duty Truck Industry with a wide range of Product and Services.

We have taken great pride in building and maintain a reputation that exceeds our customer's expectations in reliability, service, and on-time delivery, establishing Custom Radio Corporation among the leaders in Heavy-Duty Mobile Electronics.

Our product is built for and offers special features that are industry specific for the Heavy-Duty Market.

Our product includes Audio Systems, PA Systems, Integrated Video Entertainment Systems, Rear Observation Systems, and Mobile Digital Video Recording. 

In addition, we offer a Video Subscription Service that  offers the ability for Live View, e-Mail alerts for alarm files, and automatic download of alarm files depending on your requirements.  This saves the expense, time, and maintenance of setting a MDVR specific server. 

Industry Specific Features

Built for the Severe Demands of the Heavy-Duty Industry

Cost Competitive

On-Time Delivery

Quality Systems Management 

​Built for the Heavy-Duty Truck, School Bus, Shuttle Bus, and Tour Bus

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